22 Funny Title for Resume You Wish You Could Use

Job titles for resume are essential for applicants for them to get an initial interview to show their capabilities. If you are one of the thousands of applicants applying, you need to know about the best resume title that you can use. Dozens of people’s resumes are rejected because they are too boring and unoriginal, so do everything to not be one of those people.

Examples of Resume Title

job titles for resume
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Here are examples of resume title that are funny and you never expect to have been written in the resume. The list are some of the examples online that you will find and it is funny.

  1. Pornography historian
  2. Creative director and chief unicorn division
  3. In charge of the big door
  4. Cunning linguist
  5. Layer dip maker
  6. Teen exorcist
  7. Head of potatoes
  8. Fun club president
  9. Bear biologist and paper folder
  10. Bride kidnapping expert
  11. Chocolate beer specialist
  12. FAP specialist
  13. Professional sperm donor
  14. Professional snuggler
  15. Experienced boner
  16. Head receiver
  17. Hamburger university professor
  18. Director of sandbags
  19. Dinosaur supervisor
  20. Pork rhinds expert
  21. Ex moonshiner
  22. Lube manager

There you have the examples of funny resume title but keep in mind that you still need to use the right title for the job you are applying. Good and unique resume titles that are appealing, short, specific and catchy will always get the attention of the employer.

Make a Research Online

Everything is possible because of technology and by checking online, you can able to check for good and bad resume titles. It is your guide on what you title you can include in your resume especially when you do not know what you must do. Do not waste your time writing bad title because your resume will just go at the bottom of the pile which means you miss the opportunity of getting an interview.

Use the Funny Resume Titles

It is not bad to use funny resume titles because it can able to get the attention of the hiring manager but you should not forget that you need to use the correct words and not just words that will make your application unpleasant. When you are applying as a receiver, you can use the title “head receiver”. You see it is funny but still it is specific and good to use.  There are still numerous details and funny words that you need to know such as Rasputin impersonator, parkour specialist, namer of clouds, shredded cheese authority and much more.

It is not bad to use funny titles in your resume because it is catchy and appealing but do not forget that you need to use the correct words to increase your chance of being accepted. If you want to stand out and be one of the selected applicants that the company is looking for, you need to start writing your resume now. You should not only think about the structure or format but you also need to focus on what resume title you must have. There are gazillions of funny words that you might want to use in your resume and you need to select the best!