5 Variants of the Format for Job Resume in 2019

There is a particular format for job resume in 2019 and complying with the format will make you stand out and give you a better chance of being invited for an interview. If you are a job seeker, you must understand that resume format must be taken seriously as it can have a great impact on your career. Understanding the format for job resume in 2019, a headline for job application 2019, and others will help you write a resume that will get the attention of both the recruiter and the hiring manager.

How to Make Format for Job Resume in 2019 – Main Steps

  • Look for a job for your resume
  • Get the list of keywords
  • Select your resume format
  • Resume heading
  • Resume job objective
  • Summary of qualifications
  • Work experience
  • Achievement statements
  • Education
  • Community service

Information to include in the format for job resume in 2019:


With the new format for job resume in 2019, don’t write CV, Resume or Curriculum Vitae at the top of your paper simply for the fact that the recruiter is aware of your application; In addition, use the 14 points font size to write your name in order to be found quickly by the hiring manager and other target audience. Do not make use of German characters. Use a valid email address and make sure you add your nationality.


It is as well called career objective, job objective or purpose. It helps a lot, particularly when applying for a particular a particular company. Make it precise and brief.

Key skills and experience

You are expected to add this section for the best format for job resume in 2019. This is where you will write a short synopsis of your related skills and work experience. Use phrases in place of full sentences.


If you are an existing student or graduated of recent, add the education section. Begin with your most current education. Write your school grade or degree obtained, including the full name of the institution and its location. You will also need to state the duration or period of time spent on the school and major subjects offered.


This section lets you add paid work, internships, volunteer work, non-paid work as well as other experience relating to the job. The purpose of this section in a format for job resume in 2019 is because hiring managers want to your experience better than where you obtain it from.

Addition skills

This is the section where you have to list the languages you understand. In addition, if you are computer literate including some other noteworthy skills. Consider only the skills relevant to the job in question.

Activities and interests

This section is for you if you lack much work experience. Even though you don’t have much work experience, it will indicate that you have gained the skills required for the position you are seeking.


This section has become optional in the format for job resume in 2019 unless it is needed. If required, write the name of your referees, phone number and address.

5 Variants of the Format of a Resume for a Job 2019

Resumes resemble business card used to advertise one’s business. As a result, it is imperative that a job seeker should make up his mind on the type of advert he want in his format for job resume in 2019. Different resume variants are available, depending on the job type you are seeking.

They include:

  • Targeted Resume
  • Mini Resume
  • Nontraditional Resume
  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional

Targeted resume

This is a customized resume that specifically highlights your skills and experience in relation to the job in question. It focuses on a particular job opening. When you customize your resume, you will have the opportunity of exhibiting your accomplishments, qualifications as well as certain aspects of your work history that go well with the pre-requisite highlighted in the job description.

Incorporating career highlights, profile or resume summary of qualification section at the top of your resume is the easiest way to target your resume without having to rewrite the entire resume.

Mini resume

This type of resume has a short summary of your career qualifications. You can use mini-resume for networking or you can share it when an employer request for it or even serve as a reference for a writer who wants to review your accomplishments.

Nontraditional resume

This is typically the web-oriented version of your CV. It might contain graphs, images, graphics, photos as well as other visuals.

Chronological resume

This is a type of resume that contains the list of your work history in sequential order, beginning with your most current job down to the earliest. A chronological format for job resume in 2019 is the most widely used format. This resume format is for you if you have a strong work history, no gaps between employment and your experience are related to the job you file an application for.

Functional resume

This is the type of resume that will first focus on your experience and skills. Functional resume de-emphasizes those dates that you have worked. Secondly, it listed employment history under the details of your skills.

A functional resume is useful for those:

  • Who have gaps in employment
  • In the core of a career transition
  • Current college graduate with restricted work experience or different background without any visible or certain career path


Resume format has taken a new dimension in 2019 as there is a specific format for job resume in 2019. Any job seeker, whether it is resume headline for teacher or accountant, that refuses to follow this new way of writing resume will have his application thrown aside by the hiring managers. In other words, complying with the format is imperative because it will make you stand out.

Have you really been adequately equipped with the necessary information concerning format for job resume in 2019? If not, click here now to learn more!