How to Choose the Best Resume Headline 2019

Understanding how to choose the best resume headline 2019 is paramount when it comes to a job application. Instead of using resume objective section, some resume use career summary or headlines. These good resume headlines are generally used by experts and executives with many years experience.

The resume headlines can be described as more than a few easy-to-read statements that shortly and resourcefully emphasize major skills and attainments of a particular person all through his career and these few statements must grab the audience of the reader.

More often than not, the heading or title of the paragraph is that particular job title which that the job seeker is aiming, including head teacher, Management Consultant, Vice President of Insurance, Senior IT Project Manager and lots more.

The Best Resume Headline Sample in 2019

12+ shared yrs of HR, Administrative Assistant; Seeking suppleness; Meeting Management; Marketing, Meeting Management—employed as a District Scheduler with Oregon Planners

This headline has a solid start that will attract the interest of any employer

Accredited Cerebral Health Social Worker, Treating emotional and mental disorders—employed as a Therapist with Transerve

The headline frankly emphasizes certain qualifications for mental healthcare industry

Customer Service Supervisor and Representative, with area of expertise in technical support and installation —employed as Level-1 Support Representative with Canon

It points out the definite type of suppleness being sought, and this helps the candidate to stand out from others who are interested in other types of positions.

Editor, Writer and PR specialist with seven years’ interactions experience—Telecommuting—employed as a temporary worker Editor with Guardian

Incorporates more than a few diverse kinds of experience into one resume headline

Finance and Accounting Setting—employed as a Finance Executive with DOD

This particular format for job resume in 2019 passes important information across with no littering the space. it is brief and concise.

Supple Professional with BS Marketing Management —employed as an Editor for RTB Communications

This particular headline remotely implies working experience. This is what recruiters hiring for telecommuting jobs like to see.

Well-built Administrative Support including Writing, Editing, and Transcription Skills—employed to work as a Transcriptionist for Highlanders

This resume headline is great because it reveals that the candidate is confidence in his experience and expertise.

Experienced Researcher and Writer Seeking a Telecommute Writing Position—employed as an Instructional Designer with Vivid Imagination Academy

This headline shows what they have to offer and what they are actually looking for.

Content Marketing and Digital Engagement Strategist w/Seven Years Experience, seeking Remote Work—employed as a Content Marketing Executive with Ciello

This headline is fantastic because it comes out as somebody with focused, vastly skilled knowledge for the right employer.

Bilingual Expert with experience in Tourism and International sales—employed as Team Leader and an Immersion Counselor with TYC Spanish

What makes this headline special is that it emphasizes both work experience and language skills.

Latest Trends in Best Resume Headline 2019

Understanding the best headline 2019 latest trends will help you get that dream job. This is due to the fact that it is made to grab the attention of your possible employer, emphasize your core value intention and satisfy the requirements of the employer at these modern days.

Check out the following for the top trends you have to know and apply in your resume title so that it stands out.

Limit your resume to only one or two pages

Latest trends in best resume headline 2019 specified that your resume should not be more than two pages at most. Hence, comply and never be tempted to go beyond this number of pages for it not to lose its worth when it gets to the hiring managers.

Try as much as possible to remove irrelevant information and add only the important and relevant information in order avoid going beyond this maximum pages. For instance, do not include all the 12 jobs you had in the past in the job history section, but just the most related one to the position you are applying for. List them in the overturn the chronological order, emphasizing the latest ones moving backwards.

Use buzzwords and keywords

Making use of keywords and buzzwords will make your resume stands out from the crowd and receive the attention of the hiring managers. All you need to do in this case is ensure you use particular industry related words to reveal that you have the skills and knowledge of the job as well as the industry. Moreover, you must make use of keywords that are relevant to the job skills you have just to ascertain that you have the know-how as needed for the job opening.

Garner your content to the particular job application

Using a resume for all job applications is one of the costly mistakes made by job seekers when writing and sending their resumes to employers. This will, without a doubt, lower the chances of showing their actual worth for the opened position. To avoid this, therefore, endeavour to read and understand the job advert and prepare your resume to meet the requirements of the likely employer. Don’t try to be smart but garner your resume title toward that particular job application.

Omit the objective section and change it with your career summary

This particular section of the latest best resume headline 2019 focuses on your worth intention for the job. It highlights your key competencies, achievements or accomplishments that can be either in a paragraph form or bullet list. Make this section a maximum of just six lines. Select your wording and ensure they are industry-related and straight to the point. Avoid fluff and centre on the gains you can bring to the table.


There is no doubt about the fact that the resume headline is crucial to your resume and job application. As a result, you need to know how to write the best resume headline 2019 before you can think of being invited for a job interview. With this new development, make sure you follow the guideline as stipulated because there is no shortcut.

Are you still struggling to write your resume headline in compliance with the best resume headline 2019? You are not alone. Click here to get started!