How to Make a Successful Resume Headline for Job You Are Applying for

A job title can break or make your application. In writing it, you should not lie and you need to be specific. Do not just write “accounting” because it is too vague. It is better when you write “record keeping or management of A/P and A/R”. Here are more details in writing resume headline for accountant and for other professions.

Successful Resume Headlineresume headline for accountant

  • Top of the resume: The resume title should at the top of your paper. It must be placed above your summary section, below your personal and contact details. It is better when you add some words in your title such as “SEO Analyst Professional” instead of just writing “Analyst”.
  • Typical title mistakes: One of the common mistakes that you can find online is that applicants do not include resume headline. Another mistake that job seekers did is that they include an objective section, which is an old-fashioned way of writing the resume. The section is now considered as irrelevant that is why you should get away with it. Nowadays, the section is not acceptable and it is not impressive for the potential employer. Vague titles are not acceptable like writing “Public Advocate”. It is better to make it more specific and catchy such as “detailed problem solver” or self-directed public advocate.

In addition, when people type the word public advocate, it is not clear. You definitely do not understand what that person can do if it is just a plain resume title. To avoid this, adding some words are necessary.

Resume Headlines Examples

  • Project Manager- LEED and GBE Certified
  • Project Manager- DOD contractor
  • Chief financial officer- Controller analyst expertise

Moreover, when you need to write resume headline for teacher; you need to know what words you can incorporate with it. Always remember that a teacher is responsible for organizing, planning, delivering and preparing programs for students to facilitate development and learning.

Teacher works in numerous roles such as colleges, schools, preschool and universities. Depending on the type of setting that you work in, you need to ensure that you establish clear objectives to students. When applying, you can use a resume title such as “detail oriented pre-school teacher” or perhaps try to use “dedicated Math teacher”. Here are only some the strong resume headline examples, but there are still many examples online that gives you ideas on what is the perfect word to use. Also, the examples will guide you in writing because you do not only know about the headlines, but you get ideas about the format.

Apart from this, when you need to write resume headline for marketing; you also need to know the words that you need to include. You can check the job description and get words on it to include in your resume headline. Lastly, it is really hard to write a good title or headline in your resume, but you need to do it so that you get the position you are applying for.

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