How to Name Your Resume in 2019?

It has been a thing of the past to secure employment immediately you graduated from school and retain the same job until retirement. In this new dispensation, people have become more skilful at finding new job opportunities. However, a number of the more traditional techniques of finding jobs have begun to fade in popularity. Job seekers are no longer looking for newspaper adverts in order to get their dream jobs. Applicants are becoming more creative with their resume title examples and making use of new tactics in advancing their careers.

Advanced Ways to How to Get a Job


Referrals can come from our friends, relatives and other individuals you know. This particular method might get you an invitation to apply for a position, even without really seeking a new job. Quite a lot of employers give incentives to their employees for referring a successful candidate to their company.


You can do networking online or offline. Networking is described as a way a job seeker goes through the back door to get the job because there is somebody there to help him. Networking works because most of the available job vacancies are not always advertised, and people just have to look for someone to link them up with the big wigs of the recruiting company. Networking is a good way of locating job opportunities.

You can register as a member of professional associations; use online tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and lots more to learn more about job openings.

Career websites and job boards

These are where job seekers can get information about the latest job vacancies. They are traditional ways of posting jobs. However, many jobs boards have embraced a virtual system, some of them, particularly the bigger companies.

Company websites

Companies advertise their job openings right on their websites. If you have your probable employer in mind already, the best you can do is to visit their website to complete their employment form. Make a list of employers you would like to work for and visit their websites always.

Outlandish or creative tactics

A number of job seekers have moved toward more advanced creative ways of drawing attention to themselves in a competitive job market. They use chain letters or billboards with copies of their resume attached and walking all over the place and offices so that employers can see them. However, you must be very careful with these methods so that you will not be passing a wrong message. Make sure the technique is suitable for the company you are targeting

How to Name Your Resume in 2019

If you are HR professional, recruiter, career professional or even a hiring manager, you must have seen tons of resumes. But how are these resumes named? Or have you received a resume that was titled Professional Resume, Resume or another very similar generic name?

Why it matters to name your resume properly and write the best CV title 2019?

Naming the resume is a critical factor frequently ignored, even with all the tips and advice we hear all the time concerning listing experience in chronological order, using the white space, quantifying results and lots of other tips that need to be included in such a sturdy personal ad also known as Resume.

Naming resume properly matters because it will make it easier for your probable employer to know your target and how it matches with their needs, making you boost your chance of getting noticed. It is also worth mentioning that writing a resume is writing for a particular audience who has a clear goal in mind, which is to look for candidates who are qualified for the vacant position. Don’t make things difficult for them!

How to Properly Name Your Resume in 2019

The best way to name your resume well is to include your brand name as well as the precise title of the position to occupy when submitting your resume.

A typical example of how the name of your resume will look like is a blog or newspaper headline. It must be labelled clearly because it matters to your audience. Hiring managers and recruiters are fed up of seeing resume written boldly on top of your document and naming yours, as shown above, will make you stand out.

Moreover, your resume is a representation of you and not just a document. Therefore, exhibit attention to detail by giving it a title with a purpose.

Another important reason to name your resume well is that it will enable other people to locate it if it is posted online.

Good Examples of Resume Titles 2019


  • Before: Accountant
  • After: CPA – Accountant/Financial Analyst

Fresh graduate

  • Before: College Graduate
  • After: BSME Grad – vacant All Shifts


  • Before: Computer Programmer
  • After: Sr. Programmer – Java / J2EE


  • Before: Becky Smith for Hire
  • After: High-Ranked Pharmacy Sales Rep, 7 Yrs.


  • Before: Secretarial Position Wanted
  • After: Admin Assistant – MS Office Expert


  • Before: Engineer
  • After: Mechanized Engineer – Six Sigma


  • Before: Finance Manager
  • After: Bank VP with G250 Experience


  • Before: Nurse
  • After: RN – 5+ Years of ER Experience

Arts and design

  • Before: Graphics Designer
  • After: Graphics Designer – Adobe Suite/3D

Human resources

  • Before: HR Professional
  • After: HR Manager / SPHR / 12 Yrs. Exp.


  • Before: Manager
  • After: Large-Box Retail Manager -11 Yrs Exp.


Understanding how to name your resume in 2019 is very important if you want to succeed in your job search. Naming resume properly in 2019 will make it easier for recruiters and your probable employer to know your target and how it matches with their needs, making you boost your chance of getting noticed

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