How to Write a Unique Resume Title

unique resume titles
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Writing unique resume titles is one of the focuses to have when writing your resume because a title is the first thing an employer sees in your application that is why you have to do good from the very beginning. However, coming up with a unique title page for resume is something that most applicants fail to do. For one, they don’t know how to make use of their best assets and convert these into titles that will seize the potential employer’s attention. Second, they don’t know how to optimize their title page and make it work for their favor. To help you with creating a title for your resume, check out the following tips.

Unique Resume Title Tips

  1. You may want to reference your position with a headline, which is able to combine your job title. A headline can clearly state your goals and objectives, which may be in line with what the company or employer is looking for. For this matter, you may also want to check out the job posting to have a clear picture of what they are looking for. Make sure that you clearly express your intentions for the position and that you are the right candidate for it.
  2. For your unique resume title, you may also want to be as specific as possible. You should highlight your unique qualifications, experiences and skills that can impress the employer. Because he might be receiving many applications for the same position, it might help if you would be able to express yourself strongly using the best value proposition through a very specific, unique resume title. Don’t settle for generic, vague titles, including writer, blogger, graphic artist, engineer and so on, but include specific titles unique to your experience and skills. Examples, you can make use of “Published blogger with CNN for 10 years,” “Hired as Software Developer with Microsoft….”
  3. Focus on highlighting your strengths. This is one of the most logical ways of writing an excellent resume title and something that you have to focus on because your resume is the first marketing tool that you use in selling yourself to the potential employer for an interview. Give your best shot by delivering the strongest message found in your unique resume titles. But don’t lie or over-exaggerate. Did you know that 34% lie in their resume? Yeah, that’s quite a big percentage. If your words don’t show that you’re lying, then your performance will. Let’s not disappoint yourself and the company you’ll work for and be honest since the beginning.
  4. You can also reference your desired role or title, such as Senior Marketing Manager. However, make sure that you are addressing and answering the original job posting. Therefore, do not write “Senior” if what they are looking for is “Junior.” It may just show you are not reading the posting.
  5. You may also use adjectives, but not excessively. You may use very specific adjectives to emphasize your experience and skills. You can include words, including decisive, responsible and collaborative.

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Your resume will become more effective if you would use the best among the best of unique resume titles that best gives you the biggest edge for a particular application. Therefore, read and understand the posting well and write your title based on it.