The Best CV Title 2019 for Freshers

It was gathered from recruiters and hiring managers that the rate of poorly written resumes is very high because job seekers don’t know how to create the best CV title 2019 for freshers. It is important to note that your CV title 2019 for freshers can mar or make the job interview you have been looking forward to. One thing for sure is that poorly written resume title 2019 cannot pass the screening test.

Therefore, attract more interview offers and write the best CV title for freshers by following these tips on how to make a successful resume.

Expert Tips: Keywords, Formatting, and Titles for Freshers 2019

Make use of bullet points and keywords

Your experience and skills will be better demonstrated with bullet points having facts and figures, unlike long sentences. Think about including an executive summary very close to the top of your CV that has two to three bullet points to describe the key value and skills you will offer the possible employer. This will give you the chance of using the keywords robots and as well energize you to add some serious thought to your resume.

On the other hand, bullet points can be a quick and efficient way of showing the results of the keyword experience you have got at previous jobs or delivered. List the bullet in each position in their order of importance in relation to the job you want next and not in a chronological manner.

 Format your resume wisely

Your CV will not get through at the first instance, no matter how well written. In general, it takes a resume 25 seconds before it gets scanned. If the resume is hard to read, more than two pages or poorly arranged, scanning becomes more difficult. Therefore:

  • Make use of bullets to focus on accomplishments or the vital points
  • Make use of a consistent format and broad margins, clean type and clear headings
  • Apply italic and typeface that help guide the eye of the reader selectively

Show accomplishments not only job descriptions

Hiring managers and recruiters, particularly in technical fields such as engineering, search for candidates that can help them satisfy a need or solve a problem in their company. As a result, you cannot be a solution to their problems without describing how you solved the same problems in other companies and situations.


  • Keep away from using the generic descriptions of the jobs you applied for originally or held
  • Focus on what you did in the job, NOT what your job was there’s a difference
  • First, include a one or two top line job description and then highlight your accomplishments
  • Ask yourself the benefit of having done what you did for each point
  • Accomplishments should not merely be a list of what another person did, but unique to you

Focus on text, not formatting

The automated applicant tracking systems are the robots used to do the first read of a lot of resumes received by employers. Just skip your fancy formatting because the robots won’t be impressed with it.

In order to get grammar and spelling help, draft your resume in a word processing program. After typing, paste it into Notepad or a related program and saving as plain text, which has the best chance of surviving all the automatic, retrieval and storage review processes that resumes are put through these days.

Trim a little more when in doubt

It is now time for your CV to pass the human test, as your keywords and plain text have survived the robots. The TL;dr is an actual phenomenon because this is the Twitter era. Bear in mind the fact that the human who has the authority to conduct an interview for you doesn’t want to read lengthy descriptions and paragraphs of your previous or old duties.

Substitute your objective with a “Career Summary”

A Career Summary is premeditated to provide you with a brief overview of the person you are and what you do. A good entry level resume objective sound alike:

  • Grab the attention of a hiring manager right from the beginning and don’t forget that you have just 25 few seconds to convey a good impression
  • Devote time developing a summary that gets their attention instantly, and describes you as a solution to their problems, powerfully and accurately.

Advice for Freshers on How to Write the Best CV Title 2019

  • Make even what seems to be your irrelevant experience relevant
  • Look for a better job by searching for an established company, instead of looking for a position
  • Divide your resume into segments with dedicated sections
  • Make your CV simple and easy to read
  • Give your resume a professional touch to make it credible. Don’t cramp things together
  • Give space for your information
  • Do not load your resume with common words and redundant phrasing
  • Give relevant and straight to the point information
  • Address the criteria of your probable employer in totality
  • Stick to solid facts devoid of adornment
  • Modify your resume to meet the requirement of different employers
  • Carry out findings of the business of the employer to know what they actually needed in your resume before you submit one to them
  • Make use of the contact person of the employer to obtain more information about the job, so that you will know how to write the resume
  • Write a CV that will generate results
  • Quantify your accomplishment


Writing a great CV does not necessarily mean you must comply with the rules you hear through the rumour mill. The best CV title 2019 for freshers does not have to be one page or be in line with a particular resume format. Each resume is a unique marketing tool. Therefore, it should be suitable to your circumstances and carry out exactly what you want it to do. As a fresher to resume writing, you must obey the rules and learn how to do things correctly to achieve the best.

Are you a beginner who wants to write the best CV tile for freshers but don’t know where to start? Click here now to get started generating the best CV title for freshers!