The Secret of Eye Catching Resume Titles

Impress Hiring Managers with Eye Catching Resume Titles

A strong headline for your resume is a great solution for those who want to make a good first impression. You will not have the chance to get to know your potential employer which is why a resume is crucial tool for you to communicate your qualifications. One of the things that you have to remember when you are writing your eye catching resume titles is that this should be personalized; avoid general headlines as this will come off as generic. Compose different resume title for every job instead of just using a single title for various job applications. By customizing it, you will have a better chance of specifically accommodating the needs of the hiring manager. Most managers prefer the title to be up to 140 characters, like a Tweet. So keep that in mind while writing your own job title.

eye catching resume titles

Avail Free Samples of Great Title for Resume that Stands Out

The following are several eye catching resume title ideas from various job industries:

  1. Vice President of Marketing / Director of Marketing
  2. Senior Executive – International Business Development
  3. Detail-oriented Worker with Administrative Experience
  4. Army Veteran Awarded for Determination and Strong Work Ethic
  5. Bilingual Nursing Graduate with Experience in Rural Health Care
  6. Web Expert with Planning, developing experience in cutting-edge SEO Solutions
  7. Strong orientation in finance and operations in any Business Environment

Bespoke, Eye Catching Resume Titles for Better Job Opportunities

A title for resume that stands out is limited which is why you should avoid extra words that would lengthen it. Keep it direct to the point, professional and concise. You can also include key words for the position as this will maximize the impact of your resume. Select the words that you will use mostly because your resume title has limited number of words. Eye catching resume titles are effective method for you to lure in the interest of hiring managers and this is why you should be able to take your time as this could determine the success of your application.