Tips on Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

One of the jobs that are accommodating to fresh graduates are those that have duties that are secretarial and clerical in nature. These are called administrative assistants.  Administrative assistant is a vast job enterprise with varying levels and departments.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics:


Employment of secretaries and administrative assistants is projected to grow 3 percent from 2014 to 2024, slower than the average for all occupations. Many job openings will result from the need to replace workers who leave the occupation. Those with work experience, particularly experience using computer software applications to do word processing and create spreadsheets, should have the best job prospects.

Departments that can use administrative assistants include human resources, information technology, development sector, customer service, sales and marketing and accounting. Many kinds of administrative assistants include clerks, receptionists, PAs or personal assistants, secretaries, finance manager, logistics coordinator and many more.

administrative assistant resume objective

An administrative assistant is someone who assists to a single person, an office or many offices. It is he/she who delivers notices, memos, and papers, takes calls, deals with visitors and guest, fixes the schedule and others. Administrative assistants are needed everywhere whether as a fashion assistant to Kim Kardashian to a personal secretary of Barrack Obama.

Administrative assistants are essential members of an office because they contribute to the coordination and organization of the office. Administrative assistants are chosen carefully to ensure an exemplary delivery of tasks and duties. For a person applying in a job in this area, an excellent administrative assistant resume objective as well as perfect teacher resume objective for teaching is crucial. As stated there are many kinds of administrative assistants, this article will focus on a resume objective for receptionist.

administrative assistant resume

How to Make a Resume Objective for Administrative Assistant

  1. First it is important to know what skills the company you are applying for are looking for in receptionist. Usually these take in three forms: people skills, self-reliance skills and generalist skills. People skills include interpersonal communication, oral communication, written communication and teamwork. A receptionist will have to deal with people every day, therefore a receptionist should also have patience, endurance and tolerance for clients. A mean and unhelpful receptionist is a bad reflection of the company.

Self-reliance skills are those that go along the lines of initiative, time management and networking. You wouldn’t want to be a liability to your future employer, wouldn’t you? The generalist skill, on the other hand is one that includes computer skills – atypical of office jobs.

  1. Specify the target job you are applying for. Thought the job ‘receptionist’ can be pretty obvious, some companies may require different receptionists for different departments. It should be stated in your administrative assistant resume objective the specific office you wish your receptionist skills will be admitted to.
  1. Determine the goals, objectives and mandate of the company you are applying for. Specify succinctly how your present set of skills can contribute to the realization of the company’s mission and vision. A resume objective for administrative assistant should be brief, concise and straight to the point, never more than 2 or 3 sentences (3 sentences is sometimes already a stretch). Highlight the skill you have and its corresponding skill they are looking for.

These are some tips for making a resume objective for a receptionist job. However, a good resume is only half the battle – you should be as great in your interview as you are in your resume. Just one little tip for your interview though – your presence in the interview should manifest your resume objective for receptionist!