What Not to Write in Resume Title 2019

Hiring managers and recruiters receive at least 75 résumés for each posted position. They don’t have all the time in the world or the required resources to review every resume closely and it takes a minimum of 6 seconds to take a decision on a particular resume. You must have a perfect resume, strong qualifications, and know how to write a resume objective if you want your resume to scale through the initial screening test.

Proper Resume Writing 2019: Things to Avoid

Although there are many factors to consider when writing a powerful resume that will get noticed at first attempt, there are certain things that should not be written in your resume title. Here are few of them:

  • Excessive text: It is an epic fail to use a 0.5-inch margin and eight-point font just to make sure everything fit into one page. Avoid too much text to allow for lots of white spaces of no more than a 0.8 margin.
  • Break in service: If you have any break in service or you probably took time off, this information should not appear on your resume. Although it is acceptable in some countries, the bottom line is that it is not appropriate to add it to your resume.
  • References: Your employer will inform you if they would like to speak with your previous employers. You can as well keep your references informed in advance that a likely employer may be calling. You are just wasting a precious space or line if you write References on Request below your resume.
  • Conflicting formatting: It is noteworthy that your resume format is as important as its content. Hence, there should be no conflicting format. Use the format easy to scan for the recruiters in order to choose your career goals and key qualifications. Stick with whatever format you choose and make sure you use the same format at all times.
  • Objective: It is obvious that you want a job once you apply. Therefore, you are not expected to in include the objective. An exception to this is that it may be useful to add a brief summary if you are in a unique situation like a complete change of industry.
  • Immaterial work experiences: Do not include past work experiences that will not be directly related to the job in question. This may show a new ability, depth, dimension and irrelevant skill. You can only include this experience if it will actually showcase extra skills relating to the position you are applying for.
  • Why you left a position or company: Job seekers always believe that explaining why they left a particular company or position on their resume may boost their chances. This is a wrong notion. Why you left your previous job is not related to your resume and should, therefore, be ignored.
  • Annoying buzzwords: Annoying buzzwords are turn offs of a resume, particularly if it is filled with phrases such as people pleaser, synergy, think outside the box and best of breeds. Employers love seeing terms like launched, resolved, managed and achieved.
  • Fancy fonts: Job seekers use fancy and curly-tailed fonts to make their resume classier, forgetting that they are difficult to read and the hiring managers absorb less about them.
  • Obsolete fonts: Serif and Times New Roman fonts are archaic and old-fashioned. Therefore don’t use them for writing your resume. You can use a standard sans-serif font such as Arial and be aware of the font size. Making nice, sleek and easy to read resume should always be your goal.

Common Funny Mistakes in CV Resume Title 2019

Mistake 1: Obvious lies

Obvious lies may are vied by recruiters and hiring managers as an attempt to compensate for lack of 100 percent qualifications for the specified job post. Rather than concentrating on the skills you cannot provide, concentrate on the skills you can provide. This will put a stop to obvious lies.

Mistake 2: Adding your age

This is the right time to remove your age from that resume of yours, or else you will be discriminated against for a position.

Mistake 3: Including your hobbies

Employers and hiring managers don’t care about your age. It is a mere waste of space and company time if it is not related to the job in question.

Mistake 4: Naming you resume ‘Resume’

About 25% of job seekers name their resume documents Resume. You will miss a great chance of branding yourself by using such a generic name. However, you will not miss the chance to at least use your name in the file name, if you are qualified enough to market or sell to a particular company.

Mistake 5: Using all lower case

I don’t really know where this trend of using all lowercase originated. Is it some kinds of text messaging? Using a keyboard makes capitalizing very easy and takes no time at all. Common, don’t be lazy and do it right!

Mistake 6: Not proofreading your resume

It is surprising and alarming to see a lot of punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes on a document of this magnitude. This is due to failure to proofread when completed. This can mar your chances of being invited for the interview as it is signalling to the recruiter that you don’t go through your work and never pay attention to detail.

Mistake 7: Adding personal stuff

Don’t ever include your personal stuff like religious preference, marital status or Social Security number. All this information is now forbidden for your probably to ask you, even though it may have been the standard before.

This might have been the standard in the past, but all of this information is now illegal for your employer to ask you, so there’s no need to include it.

Examples of Good Titles

Would-be Elementary Teacher

• Used modern teaching methods like team learning and e-learning.
• Encourage creativity and higher-order thinking to increase children’s performance.
• School teacher having strong dedication children growth and their educational requirements.


Skilled Online Marketing Manager

  • Internet marketing manager expert with 12 years’ experience in the Internet industry
  • Worked on SEM, SEO, web site design and development.
  • A demonstrated record of developing latest Internet business brands and strategies


There are many what not to write in resume title 2019 and how to name your resume in 2019. Writing them in your resume will make it lose its value and therefore not being noticed by recruiters. Avoid these mistakes and take your resume writing skill to a greater height in 2019.

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